Jan Saggiori Work

JanDoxing001Look at this good job i done so far! I Dox 3 people at once, Trolls for Retro Computers Limited, cause i believe in Suzy, She so pretty i get hard penis every time i talk her behind Fanny Pack for her! I did this for man make me angry, RCL say i help them, Man say Vega+ Never will come so i angry Dox him and say truth about him people think! Man is angry at me *thihihi*. and People behind TheC64 will get Lego and Pi Zero unlike Retro Computers Limited Sinclar Vega+ V2 we are make in secret from Trolls!

Click on picture for big picture of my good work!

See i say SCAM it is scam, you can not prove me wrong! I always right Mama say! See i make anonymous webpage on server i pay with Papa Visa, I make domain with it and i link domains smart to the web page so people see it's Scam! I am so good!






JanWork001Look how i do to save money for Suzanne <3 I say i try refund and they refuse and we not need to pay customer, Yes i said customer since Judge say we sell a Product from RCL not idea like we want to, so we could take money! But okay Papa Renato rich and pay all! I Now spoke person for RCL and big shoot promotion i answer all customer/backers with Suzy! My penis hard now so good bye!

work003Man got to be pain in ass, asking to much refunds so we refund him After he requests to many times, we are nice are we not at RCL! Man loan us £105 for almost 2 years 0 interest! He report us to AF and others, so we report him to *thihii* we will win! He will lose! For i am Jan the greatest Saggiori!