***Retro Hackers Scammer ALERT SECURITY and the POLICE!***
Statement from the Guild of Retro Hackers Ltd
Shit we are actually commenting on something for a change, as we cant stop laughing. We were looking at this statement and found several flaws in it, we have to set the record straight with the current board of directors at RCL! So here is our replies and us setting the record straight in the matters taken up by RCL! The drizzling leak of mails is our way of being nice, as the full force of the faucet is nothing that anyone could handle at this point.


> Updated Statement

Damn we had a statement ready for the old statement and Lloyd got to drunk and passed out, while pissing in the bushes outside Levy's home with the antenna in his hands. Damn he is a armature sometimes but we love him. Mike that been lurking around the Ramsgate KFC he has spotted and recorded Suzanne and sniffed her packets well from here electronic devices, and they are FISHY he said just before passing out from the foul stench.


> Today, at the resumed Retro Computers General Meeting, which was adjourned on June 18th, we demonstrated to the Sinclair Research Ltd representative a production unit of the latest version of the Vega+, and we confirmed to him delivery this week of units with a reduced number of games, as has been requested by many of our backers.

You have ignored more than 10% of all backers/customers asking for REFUNDS, did you share and talk about this? Did you divulge all the details and how the accounts and such looks like with SRL and the other shareholders? Did you comply with their requests? Also a deadline that is yet again self imposed, matter as much as a pile of horse shit. Sorry you have no credibility as you are not being transparent. Truth is shown in the leaks hosted at the Daily blog http://zxvega.co.uk and you do not want that to be shown. Number of units is not many, maybe less than 20 that you can ship. Also about the games you remember your employee Jan Saggiori whining in his campaign sponsored and backed by RCL. The64 not having more than 64games yet the Vega+ should have 1000 games LOL, you asked in you Facebook group and that is heavily moderated and people are blocked for asking about requests or asking anything remotely uncomfortable to RCL. So maybe a handful shills where okay with reduced games!


> Paul Andrews, the company's former Managing Director, has taken information from today's meeting and immediately released it to the press, with the clear and obvious intention of causing damage to the Vega+ project yet again. We find it interesting that Mr Andrews did not feel the need to release notes after the first meeting, where he was lambasted by our Managing Director who unleashed a torrent of revelations about Mr Andrews' actions over the past two years, including the vile and intimidating campaign of abuse he instigated against the company and its directors.

There is a CLOSED Facebook group, that is not the press. Where he made a brief statement about today's meeting as RCL's current directors had only booked a room for 30 min blah blah Suzanne acted like a animal and very unprofessional. well we all know how that went, why are you so PETTY SUZANNE and dare to show the Vega unit in Paul's face? Scared he will spot some flaws or something outside the Hollywood treatment view? Pathetic just pathetic, act like a human woman! 4800 backers/customer and they are not happy most part of them are more than tech savvy right? You seam to be scared of people knowing where you and Levy live, almost like you have something to hide? Maybe Bailiffs, Angry men in funny hats, Russian mobster, Taxman? Whatever reason you are crooks and you know it! Easier to blame than take responsibility.

> Paul Andrews has already admitted publicly to setting up a fake law firm from his home address in Luton, a matter which is being investigated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

Blah blah blah. Crying is all you can do Suzanne, and once this is solved and you wasted more public resources whats goign to happen? You are fucked by all the evidence against you and David so please TURN yourselves in asap.


> During the June 18th meeting, Paul Andrews admitted receiving and/or intercepting confidential information belonging to Retro Computers Ltd and/or various of its directors. That meeting was recorded and a transcript will be available in due course, following today's resumption of the meeting. For legal reasons we are not at the present time saying any more about Mr Andrews' admission(s) during that meeting.

We are happy that the meeting was held and hopefully you (David Levy and Suzanne Martin and others) would had to answer for your CRIMES! You are never able to show any proof of unedited documents so your transcripts are useless, then all these frivolous accusations from RCL. We know Suzanne loves her Hollywood treatment to distort the truth. Stop blaming Paul Andrews and Trolls for your shortcomings all the time please, take responsibility for your actions and please go to the nearest police station and turn yourselves in!


> During the past 72 hours, Retro Computers Ltd and its directors have been made aware of multiple hacks of both personal and business email accounts, and the public dissemination of private information. In some cases that information is fake; in some cases, it has been distorted and/or edited, and in some cases it is genuine. We believe the purpose of this is to cause further harm and damage to the company, to its directors, partners and ultimately to the ZX Vega+ project.

We are not stupid! You keep track of everything on http://zxvega.co.uk that happens, all the login attempts from hired hackers from either you or Jan or who ever hired them, communicating with them in the honeypot was fun and they told us some fun stuff. Lucky we know security and know how to set up a firewall and avoid leakage on the mighty battleship we are commandeering to sink the scammers of the internet! About disinformation and fake, edited mails. Thanks for verifying that the information we got is genuinely from you so that people know where it comes from, you saying that some are fake just shows you are in the business of manipulating stuff. We are refuting that we are editing/distorting anything else but some contact information and phone and mails to some people and companies to provide some anonymity. As to damages to RCL, you are the ones to blame and not us or anyone else for that matter, as you are aware you had the money and where did it go? Claiming the Bank Statements held on this site is FAKE still, after they have been validated by various legal instances and such? No one else would be more happy to see a solution and an end to this. We wish no harm or anything bad for any of the business partners, backers or customers of RCL!


> The police are investigating this crime and a number of other related criminal matters. It should be noted that the current board are NOT under investigation. This information is being "leaked" to a web-site known to us, and the same hosting company are also hosting the disingenuous "Clivehelpus" web site which, by its own admission, is unlawfully posting stolen confidential information and retaining the IP addresses of Vega+ backers, including their confidential data. In some cases people have been added to the website without their permission

 The Police can investigate all they want! All the information is here and public for even them to read if they wish. It is all FAKE and FALSE and you claim nothing but a work of fiction. About the current BOARD OF DIRECTORS (David Levy, Suzanne Martin, Janko MrSic Flogel) should turn yourselves in or repay the money owed to the backers/customers of the Sinclair Spectrum ZXVega+ console (Wait IP was revoked so selling pirated goods ehh?), cause they are ring fenced are they not? Here we must clarify some stuff. We are in no way or form affiliated with the http://clivehelpu.website (btw. they have signed up 10% off all the backers requesting refunds today.) we are not hosted by the same ISP or anything. You managed to stop the Refund site temporarily by scaring the ISP they have chosen, we would be able to host it for free, so if they need to, so Petition Team just use some form of social media and we will be in touch. The only thing they had in relation to us like some other sites reporting on RCL is the bank statements and that got them shutdown for 12 hours almost. Great job really, but they fixed it and the site is back up and running. We really must give these guys kudos for sticking out for the little guys too,as far as we have seen there is nothing illegal in what they are doing, and they are just helping RCL and showing the small team how many backers want refunds so you know how much money from the funds needs to be repaid! All the requests of removal have been done and so from the petition site, these guys are clean, so slandering them with stuff about their site is not helping you. As for us, we are a bit more kookey and we will not stand for bullies and false accusation as we are after the truth! Thanks to some kind souls we now know more about things almost than David Levy and Suzanne Martin, how things have gone and how they schemed and plotted. You have a habit of sending spam to hosts, we have seen this from the drizzle we have gone through here. I wonder if i open this facet more what will happen? or will David and Suzanne shit themselves and clog the drain totally.

> We will also be referring this matter to the Information Commissioner.

Seems to be a fun waste of time :D Please let us know how that goes, we will wait and see what they have to say about this matter with great excitement and eagerly await the reply emails from them.  Just have them sent to you so we can read them thanks! Oh report your self and your employee Jan Saggiori for DOXXING to almost forgot about his crimes to we got a special about him to!

> It seems clear to us that the people hosting these sites are not afraid to break the law.

We would like to thank our host PRQ http://www.prq.se. They take privacy seriously and sell services to people in need. They have hosted various well known sites, like the original host of Piratebay and Wikileaks. They have lots of affordable nice deals for hosting, Servers, RPI hosting and VPN services etc. They can always help and get you a quota for a fair price!
About the HACK that RCL claims happened, we have not taken any part of it or knowledge about how it has happened. What we can divulge is that any potential backer and customer information is safe. Even if we had it on our hands it would be more safe than in RCL's hands as RCL is clearly in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , and should be fined hefty sums if they do not comply to the requests they have been sent! People can rest easy, we have no other information than the information we are interested in and that is about RCL and it's currents directors and some of the shills!

Jan Saggiori have you found out who we are yet? God we hope you have not paid that imbecile a penny!

It is a solid piece of advice to change your passwords periodically, look over your security, do not use public internet connections and to make sure you have a good antivirus and firewall. In general hackers do not go after people personally unless they are part of some evil entity like RCL for example, with it's current scamming board of directors!

> The Board of Retro Computers Ltd.

The Guild of Retro Hackers Ltd July 3rd 2018

Ohh btw. Lee Fogharty we almost forgot about you. We enjoy some good amateur porn and backdoor action. Tell us when and where and we can tape it when you fuck Suzanne up the arse! Maybe we could sell it and make a profit from it to start a relief fund for the backers/customers!


Mail can be sent to our captain sirlloydw@gmail.com