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Thursday 26th July 2018


Retro Computers Ltd is delighted to announce that shipping of the much delayed Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ games console is starting today.

So back from Stockholm and you where to busy to go court and face the music with Suzanne? Well you lie and lie and how many units are going out? Where are pictures? Where is the IP and did you skimp on the game licenses? Also did you get a proper firmware or you using FUSE? So much questions here

 It has been a well documented long and difficult road for the company..

You mean you and Suzanne should have paid for the things instead of pocket it and spent the money on other things like suing and paying legal fee's? Sure you got only your self to blame!

 Well, we have now proved all negative claims to be false. We have been working diligently to overcome our problems, and we have alwaysbelieved that we could complete the project and bring the Vega+ to manufacture.

http://zxvega.co.uk and http://clivehelpus.website with the facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/1839514596266166/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/612026775815209/ not to mention Twitter and the #zxvega and on top of that IGG comments section https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-sinclair-zx-spectrum-vega-plus-console#/comments which has been heavily moderated to remove negative comments. Still no proff just your empty worthless  words David and Suzanne. NO ONE BELIEVES YOU! you have as of today 512 backers have requested refunds totalling £58235 are ou going to pay these people back their money? Do not think so, cause you are crooks!

Last week we shipped a few units to some selected supporters who have had unwavering faith in us, and the response and comments on their Vega+ units has been uniformly joyful. Today we start shipping to the first 400 backers who asked to receive their unit without the 1,000 games pre-loaded, as they prefer to load their own choice of games.

Where is the box art etc? Please how hard is to use a phone with a camera? Do not take us for fool's and your shills and paid fan's shows nothing but shenanigans from Suzanne and you David! It's all to a please SRL, just face the music and take your punishments!

 We would like to offer our sincerest apologies and thanks to those who have had faith in our company and its ability to deliver. Your supporting messages over the past two years have helped us to keep going through the darkest of periods.

Darkest of periods? How hard is it to put money in the right pockets? You are the one who has dick around and harassed  people and lied to backers for your own agendas! http://zxvega.co.uk/levy-leaks/ and the whole site is nothing but a testament to that! Also we got  you mails David and know all the lies! There is no other people than your customer and backers and people who has had to deal with you scoundrels who has suffered and been in dark times! David you have no more moved! Over 10% wants a refund and has 0 cred for you and Suzanne to be able to do anything but LIE!

Watch this space for more news!

Yes watch http://zxvega.co.uk for uncensored news and truth! David and Suzanne are notorious crooks and liars!

Dr David Levy

Sir Lloyd Wrinkleballs

Saturday 14th July 2018!

As there is no news we present this summers block buster!


Thursday 31st May!

As we meet our deadline in the Nick Roper of time!


Tuesday 8th May!

We start delivering to customers today :D ENJOY!


Friday 4th May!

May the 4th be with you! Suzy had a blond moment she forgot she asked me to publish this image on TWITTER! She then complains to twitter! You can clearly see in the image she is the one taking the picture cause of the refraction in the metal. She is BLOND. Also we fixed the Roll of Honour and well okay here is Games List  1 day early. you can see at mi page here to :D


Wednesday 21st April!

Suzy gave me a STD so I could not type for a few weeks, i fingered her bum and fingers swell up! all good now! April is Delivery month for Vega+ Are you excited?

Wednesday 28th March!

I am excited to announce that in 4 Days something Magical will happen!


Saturday 24th March!

There is a lot to read but please read it!

00 LeeFagshartySee Lee is laying, He things he can win against RCL with peanuts invoice, he stole £14.000 of backers money for web services no rendered to RCL standards and sadistfaction! He was paid in advance also, He fail now he takes us to court, and this Emerges like a stab in the back brother! I Hear NickRoper is going to make some inquires. Also David and Suzy going to court for Lee's Sabotage and backstaberi! I Jan will do all i can! You can find this person on @RealFogartyLee1 and he is not TRUSTED as we cant verify it's HIM for real so do NOT TRUST HIM! See even trolls dont trust him Muhahaha, Or is this a masteryplan of Jan?!

00 VegaPlusPD20180324

Saturday 17th March!

I finally made a real twitter account and i will twitter mi visdoms and words! I Jan will prove you the world and troll's that the Vega+ V2 is real beyond anydoubt and you will look like monkei fools you are pesky poor people! @RealSaggioriJan , please fallow or subscribe or what it's called!

Friday 16th March!

Look See we pay people if you go to court and take us there! We got nice reply from winner to! We love him and wont discus this much further! Only if need to Propaganda against trolls! Also see how sad David is now, without his pants on, you can see why he scared of chop chop trolls!




Chop Chop


Wednesday 14th March!

Look i got a Speccy i Believe and i get one, look at what my dear friend delivered. <3 Next up is our baby RETRO COMPUTERS LIMITED Vega+ V2 Coming out here in with in 3 weeks as it is Aprilo to a few Backers + Me. Suzy baby promises me this! <3 I get to play with her mittens to she promisesa!

Jan SPeccy!

I will send Djordje Vega+ V2 as it is awesome!

Tuesday 13th March!

Well stupid court don't listen to David! See trolls winning and we cant produce the Vega+ V2 no one wanted. We got 10.000 shinny plastic pieces we picked from beach for recycling to make cases from, we will use a arts and crafts class for special kids with needs to make them, cheap good workforce! They work for peanuts like monkeys! We where just weeks away from delivery of the Device, now no one knows when and if Vega+ V2 will come out! -We cant make any promises as deadlines are only guidelines. Suzy gobbles while we now at Ramsgate KFC are having meeting, so much Chicken and Gravy.

READ HERE! If you stole £500.000 people claim you would be scared to have cock chopped to! It's a real fear why cant judge see it? Poor David is scared and has real phobias nothing to laugh about! No no Vega+ V2 will be produced if he don't get well soon!


As you know we are busy with cryptic mold and chinese buisness here at RCL, Mi and Suzy have had major issue no work at all since last update, we dont reply to backers and people asking for refunds since ev everyone weants the Vega+ V2 no one order. But we sure your hungry mittens are waiting good! Trolls are geing fought and me Jan is tracking them! Mi and Suzy are working day and nioght to report and complain to internet that they spread false rumors of us!

So here is the honest update!

So we do not do REFUNDS as we claim you do not order Vega+ you back idea, so Suzy can eat KFC and David make sex robotboys. No REFUNDS! We did a few thats enough we never denied we just ihavegonorea you!

Suzy has been sad cause of Chicken Shortage and Gravy shortage many calls to police cause Ramsgate KFC closed!

I report with Suzy multiple accounts Tweitter account, Nick Roper, Dnewby etc. Twitter people spreading truth about ous and wi feel shamed! We call send lots of mail to host of http://zxvega.co.uk and other blog sites like https://realcrooks.blogspot.co.uk We spend all time working againt these trolls see we cant produce anything and soon Indigogo will come after us cause of the trolls! Pliase have patiense with ous! We are working on Vega+ V2 we promise not as that fake TheC64 they are selling which is fake! Do not support these traitors paying trolls against Vega+ and stealing money trying form David Pockets for Sexy Roboto Boys!

Now you know we a busy with trolls and wont do nothing until trolls stop and people stop asking for REFUNDS!

Monday and Tuesday 26-37th February!

Boring, nothing to do Suzy baby has been feeling deep pressed and i play with my penis mi self! you guys know the drill!


Saturday 24th February!

Jan Stupid forgot to post this, to much pleasure from boys! We have secret RCL inner circle meeting, and David and Papa taught mi about young boys. See how much pleasure i get from boy, Not even Suzy and her new Drilldo gives me this much pleasure! Remember no refunds this week, and you bougt a console you think, and it was a idiea only to make the console ZX Vega+ V2 we upgraded it to even. It's not a contract, you BUY A IDEA! Not a CONSOLE, Judge lie so we changed now your purchase to Vega+ V2 which is idea! You can do nothing!


Sunday 25th February!

After talking to Suzy Baby after she asked why people so angry this morning on troll page, cause i was confused about the videos she want me to post. What is the DRILL? as it say -You know the drill, what does it mean?!? I am confused man boy!




Click on image and it explains from Suzy what it does!

Friday 23rd February!

I Jan sit here alone playing with Big Boys Toys Suzy got me, Package says Rude Boy and i enjoy it very much! It's BIG and i wanted to share! Everyboy better get a Rudeboy than Vega+ V2 cause it's lego pieces they just buy *thihihi* Here you can see Amazon Rude Boy! Happy weekend all i will play with my  BIG BOY TOY! And spy on TROLLS!


Tuesday 20th February!

Lookie look we do use same machine as dirty Chinese people! We have more detail in video, just open eyes and look you see Haters miss lead you! also look they stole our video and the tagline Honest! Hahaa we are Honest they are not! Trolls and Haters do not bother we prove you wrong! Like Nick Roper open eyes and STFU please! I know all you are and you will be legal court with Jan RCL will win your money!

Look we slow down and show machine produces without the Hollywood stuff. Trust us not Trolls, we are the only authorized people to talk about the Vega+ V2 we are making for you! I Jan put my good name to this product believe it!

Video shows clearly we are producing things and this is no stock footage used just trust us and believe we produce this is evidence!

Also i opened my sister site SAGGIORI.COM as a news site and i publish photo there of me and caretake! 

Monday 19th February!

For you non believers! Here enjoy this useless video! Clearly showing Production of the Vega+ V2 and we proud of this! We got 100.000 pieces of plastic soon! We just make plastic products now! Then we see about refunds but please contact us!