Jan Saggiori About


Hi people I am Jan Saggiori i am 47 years old and i have special needs, attention and being best like Mama says! They dont tell you i make this site look like trolls makes it about me!

I was born in italia by my Mama and Papa Renato, we live in schewize. But familia from Italia!

I to like use internet, I am a Spectrum Afficianado i love Spectrum my computer first! I learn computer at young age. My Papa pays for all i want and gives me money, so worries no. I like to watch the television and go on vacation with my friends.

About television, I am a special and i Hacker! My friends where doing cardsharing, and I almost got caught and I tell police on my friends so i dont need to go to jail! I was number uno Hacker and i used cardreader and card to extract codes for dreambox we sold account, I learned from the internet! TV Piracy is wrong better Papa Renato pay for it. Thats how i got famous really for TV really cause of HACKING!

I like to use Social Media, I learn and become special Investigatore Journalist. I like to tell people right and i am a leader of democracy cause I am better than everyone! I Learn this from Mama saying I am best at all.