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Vega+ V2 IS REAL AND COMING! I now offically work for Retro Computers to help people, i answer IGG Complaing and make accounts to make RCL look positive! ME and Suzy Baby script together our story for you to believe. Also since official page not work thanks to Lee Faggot we have to use this site to refer information to public and how we REFUND!

 I got to work now for Retro Computers Limited. With famous Doctor of Children Sex Robotics, Dr. David Levy, and my friend who loves KFC as much as I do Suzanne Martin. I have bought domains and I have put up false news, and i investigate people mean to RCL! They Troll Suzy and David say. Why i never get my Sinclair Spectrum Vega+. I will be handing REFUNDS now as well, So please contact mi or Papa under CONTACT at any time for full refunds if you do not like Vega+ V2! We will help you and guide you how to get the money back, cause RCL is honest and not Scam people believe me Jan!

Since we lost court case against TROLL with cock choopers we do no Refunds until court and justice for us! We Must win and Deliver the Vega+! You can contact us at anytime still and we will answer if you ask a lot of questions!

RCLimitedRefundsNONEI Now work for Retro Computers Limited, i find trolls and i report to Suzy and David and tell them who is Troll and put on site, and i put name and such there! I barrow Papa Renato's Credite Card to pay for such activities. I cant have own! and I can break it in Fanny Pack i wear (You can always see photos of me.) And they Trolls just get what they deserve as monkeys they are, if they do not believe in Suzy and David making the new Vega+ V2 then i execute them, as the Trolls they are the die. I will have no one question me!


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