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click on image/banner to get to the official Retro Computers Limited Creditor list! Please add your info there!

Thank you and please do this to support your self and fellow creditors to make sure Dr. David Levy, Suzanne Martin and Janko Mrsic Flogel do not get away with their crimes of stealing!

We PRAY AND HOPE! That Suzanne Martin, David Levy and cohorts will get what they deserve and be put in Jail for stealing with the help of INDIEGOGO over +$513.000 from the good people who supported and backed ZX Vega Plus console that never materialized in more than a batch of test units sent out with broken buttons!

Scammers be aware and if you wanna read about the whole scam there is the DAILY BLOG to READ and FALLOW, not much happening now the company in going for insolvency. But if you ever see Suzanne Martin och David levy give them a KICK IN THE BALLS from me / Saggiori Jan Saggiori!